Unconscionable neglect

In May of 2008 I started knitting a cardigan with all the best intentions.  I got enough yarn, then went back to get the last two skeins in my dyelot as backup.  I got all the way to just above the hem and stopped.  Didn't even touch it in 2009.  In 2010, I finished the hem, just leaving the sleeves and zip.  Last weekend I started a sleeve, did some measuring and maths, found out I had only 12 inches of sleeve to knit on each side until I got to the wrist and switched to ribbing, and got to it.  Hello Eris, it's nice to see you again.  One sleeve almost complete, one to go.

Eris cardigan.

The zip installation still scares me, though this easy zip tutorial from splityarn.com will help.  I'd hate to come this far and mess up at the zip, sewing is not my strong point.  It will be hand-sewn and I'm hoping to get a hefty looking tarnished brass one with a decent sized pull tab.  The cardigan will need to be blocked before I start sewing because the hem is curling and so is the zip seam.

My goal is to have it wearable by December 15th.  November is usually a non-knitting month thanks to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  Maybe I can be done before November starts, I got from shoulder to elbow on the first sleeve in a couple of days, stopping often to try it on and test the fit.

I have two sweater-sized batches of yarn waiting to be turned into cardigans but I won't allow myself to start until I have Eris complete.  Tea Leaves looks good, what would you make with 1584yds of organic worsted weight wool?

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