Umpty Flump

The spinning wheel I ordered isn't here yet, and may not be here for a while, perhaps another month.  So I'm trying to get better with the drop spindle until I get back on the wheel.  Surprising how fast I've lost the drafting knack, I feel like a beginner again.

The wheel I've ordered is a Louet S10 double treadle.  I borrowed the S10 single treadle for spinning class and loved it, the wheel was sturdy and modern-looking, fit happily in the back of my car, and was easy to get the hang of.  There are several different bobbins to experiment with for spinning bulky or lace weight.  When it arrives, there will be pictures.  Until then, not much spinning output.

Edit 31st July

I blogged prematurely, we have an ETA for the wheel!  And it's soon!  Nancy has been chasing it down, and left me a message today.

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