High heels and hospitals

BBC News: Experts warn of high-heel danger.

Women are paying the price for fashion in the form of broken bones and sprained ankles, a doctor has warned.  The warm weather has led to a spate of injuries caused by women falling from their high-heeled sandals.  Rupert Evans, an accident and emergency doctor at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff said injuries could lead to long-term problems.  Women should stick to shoes with heels less than 4cm (1.5in) if they wanted to avoid a trip to hospital, he advised.
"Alcohol and heels are a bad mix," [Martin Shalley, president of the British Association for Emergency Medicine] said.

I've joked about falling off my high heels (yes, I do own some), I didn't realise people were doing it!  Better stick to the Teva sandals.

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