UFOs and good intentions

Socks do not last forever.  The pair I gave to my karate instructor have come off worst in an encounter with the dryer.  I intend to replace them because the fact they were washed means they were being worn, which is good.  I don't have foot measurements like I normally get, the socks came out a little loose for my feet but fit hers perfectly, so I'll have to guess and incorporate ribbing.  The yarn will probably be Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, once I've tested it for dryer-resistance.

I would much rather hear that something I made was worn and used and liked but sadly died in a dryer accident or was worn to holes, than find out it's unused and pristine, or given away to a thrift store.  It made my day when my evil twin posted a photo of her modified jeans on Facebook, because in the photo she was wearing a pair of socks I made her years ago.

After a long drawn-out lace scarf, I'm making a pair of sport-weight socks that are going delightfully fast.  Using an idea from a Cat Bordhi pattern, I'm making the sole with a strand of mohair carried along with the yarn.

Squishville Socks

You don't bother weaving in the ends, you just let the mohair felt in place.  It leaves the sole feeling silky and fluffy and I can't wait for these to be finished.  They will be my winter padding around the house socks.  They feel wonderful!

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