"Retweet" enters the dictionary

Telegraph: Woot! Retweet and sexting enter the dictionary

"Retweet", "sexting" and "cyberbullying" are officially words, according to the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.  Other new words in the centenary anniversary of the dictionary are "woot" (used in electronic communication to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph) and "jeggings" (a cross between leggings and jean).
The twelfth edition of the dictionary, featuring 400 new words among 240,000 entries, sees new technology and social trends featuring heavily, just as they did in the first edition in 1911.  Then, new words included "marconigram" (a wireless message), "kinematograph" (equipment producing moving pictures), and "biplane" (an aircraft with two sets of wings).

The article lists other words that were new in the 1911 version like neon ("a lately discovered atmospheric gas").  It would be fascinating to read that version of the Concise Oxford Dictionary.  I read dictionaries in school on rainy days, and encyclopedias.

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