Tweets for the week of October 2nd

  • One tyre going flat on car, the oldest one, the one not replaced last trip to the tyre place, the one I ripped up by accident and replaced.
  • Clothes shopping: I am now in between sizes and nothing fits right. Either I head back to the gym and keep working out, or I visit Cinnabon
  • Thinking about my NaNowriMo plot, beginning and middle will rock, but how to end it?  Three locations, two teams of three, and one wildcard.
  • Started review of purple belt techniques and katas, test can't be far away.  Purple is first intermediate belt, won't be a beginner anymore.
  • Flutter scarf: 37/50 reps done for 1st half, love the look but bored and overly aware of how I hold the yarn, an odd and unpleasant feeling.
  • Ripped out 6 repeats to fix the mistake I thought I could live with on the Flutter scarf.  Stupid dropped YO.  How perfectionist am I?  Grr.
  • Antidote to laceweight yarn: Morehouse Merino 3 ply worsted, natural colour, 50g for new bowknot scarf to replace the one lost in the move.

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