Frankenstein's monster was supposed to be made from the best parts of many corpses, but it didn't work out so well.  Every pair of socks I make is a selection of parts from different patterns.  I like rolled tops for toe up socks, and hemmed tops for top down ones.  The Sherman heel is awesome, but the garter stitch flap heel is nifty too.  I need to try more grafted toes to practice.  Lace patterns tend to be panels swiped from pattern and slotted in where I chose.  They have to either mirror or be identical, I've reversed patterns before calm my pattern-matching twitch.

In other words, I made up a pattern for Heather's Christmas socks to take the edge off knitting the Flutter scarf and I hope it doesn't turn out like a monster, or pursue me across the snow and kill me.  The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Chagrin.  I love this yarn, it's got some nylon for toughness but still feels soft.

2009-09 Christmas Monkey sock

It has these elements:

  • Toe up, because she wants it as long as possible.  Heather is tall.
  • 8st easy toe because the increases look tidy.
  • Centered lace panel, or two side panels.
  • Toe up heel flap with reinforced stitch pattern for toughness.
  • 2x2 ribbing on the rear of the cuff to help it stay up.
  • Rolled brim for stretchiness.

I'm using the lace pattern from Monkey for the top of the foot, and I found a toe up heel flap tutorial to follow (PDF link).  Planning to put the eye of partridge pattern on the back of the heel.

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