Tweets for the week of April 2nd

  • SO looking forward to playing Sid Meier's Colonization again!  But the new version, on the new Alienware machine.
  • Own up St Louis, who washed their car yesterday? This rain is on YOU!
  • Sorted fibre stash in search of missing spindle, horrible realisation I could spin till Doomsday and not run out of fibre.
  • May have reached SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) on spinning fibre, still in denial about yarn
  • My high heels have the taste of human blood and I have a bleeding gash on my freaking LEG.

Busy busy week.  I'm destashing some yarn on Ravelry, take a look if you're after sock yarn.

This was also the week I learned a valuable lesson about my sense of balance, and why high heels are not good for me.

Next week I'll have the recipe for English Flapjacks, they're not a pancake, but a delicious oat bar.  We're baking some for Sunday.

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