Tweets for the week of March 12th

  • The difference between computer hardware and software is that hardware can be kicked, while software can only be cursed at.
  • Waiting for my new fountain pen to arrive, handwriting SO much better in ink, but why are fountain pens so hard to find?
  • Drove to work in sunshine, wore sandals & sunglasses at weekend.  Spring, how I've missed you!
  • Watching "Top Gear" apparently brings out my English accent, waiter didn't understand me so Kevin ordered lunch for me.
  • One free Saturday then the karate tournament!  I'll be in the Senior Women's Kata division.  "Senior" my arse...

My first karate tournament is on Saturday 20th March (details here).  I'm doing Long 2 kata in the Senior Women's division and we've been training since January.

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