Tweets for the week of September 4th

  • Going to Krispy Kreme tomorrow for some "evil little lard-pods of joy".  Must do penance in the gym afterwards.
  • Installed Snow Leopard and got 11.78Gb of disk space back.  Painless install, took one hour and one reboot. So far so good.
  • Spinning lesson #1: not all fibre wants to be laceweight, some wools are better off as a good sport weight or sock weight.  Learn this.
  • NB: punching bag in gym not as padded as those in karate studio.  Bruises on two knuckles, looking tough for status meeting in work.
  • 1 technique, the rest of Long 2 kata, some polishing, and I'll be a purple belt!  And in Hofer's sparring class by Thanksgiving (maybe)
  • You'd think my 300th tweet would be something more interesting than just this.  And you'd be wrong.  So very wrong...
  • Who mails bubble wrap in a box?  The box got mashed in transit, was the bubble wrap bubble-wrapped for protection?
  • Empty Penzeys bag and a note on my desk: "More chives and no-one gets hurt."  He has a serious chive problem. Is there chive rehab anywhere?
  • Fantastic free training session at gym, introduced to the evil never-ending-stair machine.  Must conquer the machine!

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