More chives and no-one gets hurt

My house is near the best spice shop I've ever met, Penzeys.  They have every herb, spice, seasoning, and blend you could imagine, all in jars for you to smell, plus an amazing hot chocolate mix.  The Network Guy at work also loves Penzeys, and we have an arrangement.  When I'm going on a spice run, I drop him a note.  He sends back a list and slides past my cube with a $20.  The next day I leave an anonymous brown paper bag on his desk.  All very surreptitious.

Almost every time, he asks for a bag of freeze-dried chives.  I've never known anyone go through chives that fast.  Thursday morning I get back to my desk to find this:

2009-09 More chives and no-one gets hurt...

"More chives and no-one gets hurt..."  Does anyone know a good chive rehab program?  I think we have a problem!

I was planning a spice run anyway.  Really, I was, I'm not scared at all.  They'll be on his desk on Tuesday.

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