Tweets for the week of July 24th

<li>Diving into a huge ball of pink fluff to be spun, think I need two more bobbins to keep from getting bored through big (for me) projects. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>I know all the songs on all the CDs in my car, and all the other CDs are in boxes.  Need new music before I chew my own arm off. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Love the Atlantic Ocean. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Watched my instructor win senior women's sparring, then Grand Champion women's sparring at the UKA karate tournament today in Eureka MO! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Want to clear the space in the basement to practise my techniques and katas after seeing the tournament versions. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Brewing up tea to dye my handspun mohair, feel like a mad scientist!  Keeping notes in case it works so it can be repeated. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Planning a blueberry maple pie with cornmeal crust, then a maple cream pie, and maybe another cherry pie before the fruit runs out. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Huddled around my mug of tea for warmth, wrapped up in the fuzzy blue blanket from the car, wishing for my lap cat.  And it's 21C outside! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Once in a while, it turns out that ripping out a wall is the best thing you could have done.  Also hiring a contractor with ethics. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>She knit socks, there's no going back now. Sehlat is a Knitter and she even has a stash of sock yarn! Spinning is the next logical step... <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>There's tight knitting, my bulletproof 9st/in, then Sehlat's tank plating: 12 st/in with sock yarn on size US3.  Wowza, I thought I was bad! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Glory hallelujah, the pink fluff is all spun up!  Plying tomorrow, expecting a decent light fingering weight. <a href="">#</a></li>

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