Tour de Fleece - Final days

Grinding out the last of my Tour de Fleece and well on track for that yellow jersey!

Thursday 23rd July

Choirs of angels sang me to my rest because I finished spinning the pink!  I'm going to ply this puppy tomorrow, wash it, and put it to bed.  That will be three decently plied skeins for my Tour de Fleece instead of my planned two, and spinning every weekday and spinning a weekend.  There seems to be way more on bobbin #2, but I'll Navajo ply the leftovers after I get my 2-ply skein done.  This was my first experience with a bamboo blend and it leaves me wanting to give carbonised bamboo another try.

Friday 23rd July

Plied, washed, and hung the new skein up to dry, 198yds of decent 2-ply pink yarn. Not as much left on bobbin #2 as I expected, planning to wind that off into a centre-pull ball and deal with it later.

For my next skein, I'll spin three bobbins with 2oz of Targhee on each and make my first true 3-ply yarn.  I have 10oz of this stuff to spin through and it's a nice greyish brown colour and puffy soft.  It's the fibre I got free with my wheel from The Fold and I've been looking forward to spinning it.  Doing it in 2oz blocks should break things up, I can spin 2oz fairly quickly.

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