Tweets for the week of 12th February

  • Survived kata class, first full run-through of kata in public with judges, shaking by the end of it!
  • Writing for post NaNoWriMo group, aiming for creepy horror story.
  • Writing story about serial-killing orchid guy, and Gmail keeps giving me orchid care ads...
  • I post ONE Google Buzz and two disparate people pop out of the woodwork with it. And my Evil Twin had Buzz before me? And didn't SAY?!
  • Nice job Hyundai, I can't drive your Tucson with that lump of plastic in the way of my knee. Who needs to reach the pedals anyway?
  • The inside of an Advil Liqui-Gel is clear sticky goo, the casing is the only green part. Photo
  • Some music should be only played while driving at 5500RPM while wearing high heels, bronze lipstick, and an attitude.

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