FO: Blue Coronet Hat

Finished the Coronet hat I've been working on and wore it the same day

Coronet hat.

Pattern: Coronet hat from Knitty

Yarn: Imperial Stock Ranch 2 ply in Canyon Shadow Blue

Needles: US8 circular, magic loop

Duration: 31st January to 9th February 2010

Ravelry project: Blue Coronet

The hat came out well, but I won't ever use this yarn again.  There were three knots in the part I used, and I had to pick bits of grass out of the yarn every few stitches, the fibre quality is very poor.  I like the colouring, it feels squishy and warm to wear, but it was so annoying to work with!  Picking up stitches is getting easier, I ended up with two too many but they were all evenly spaced.  The cable band got compliments the first time I wore it and I like the double thickness over my ears.  Perfect for the freezing weather that just came back through St Louis.

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