Tweets for September 1st to September 15th

  • Instead of just Answer or Decline, my phone needs a "Mouthful of oatmeal, please call back in 2 minutes" button for incoming calls.
  • I love a little petrichor on a sunny evening in Creve Coeur.
  • Quietly knitting, / Background noise of kicks & yells, / At karate school. #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • I have my NaNoWriMo 2011 plot bunny and it's a sequel to my best novel ever! This is going to be fun! It'll be my 8th novel.
  • How high is the Bus Factor for your software project?
  • If a song plays on the car stereo and the wing mirrors don't pulse with the beat, is it even really playing?
  • Cats enacting the chase scene from "The Italian Job" complete with sharp turns and air time.
  • Headlights driving in / Sunrise after six fifteen / Winter is coming.  #TuesdaysAreForHaiku
  • Behind a semi (artic for Brits) when a tyre blew out, huge pop & chunks of rubber flying at me, semi didn't even slow, just put hazards on.

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