FO: Squishville Socks

Finished a pair of socks in the lunchroom at work, a design I hope to get test knitters for (I have two!), and sell on Ravelry.

Squishville socks.

Pattern: My design, Squishville socks
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts medium weight, Trendsetter Super Kid Seta laceweight
Needles: US3
Duration: 14th August to 14th September
Ravelry project: Squishville Socks

These are done in sportweight yarn with a mohair carry-along for the heel and soles that feels silky when you wear them.  I wanted a pair of socks you could pull on after a long hard day, sigh, and feel better.  I love hemmed tops on socks.

In order to start my next project, the Toasty Cardigan, I had to finish not only Eris, but these socks, as both projects had my one and only needle of the size I needed, a US6 from Eris and a US3 from the socks.  It kept me honest, I couldn't even swatch until Eris was done.  And in a shocking turn of events, I got gauge first time using the needle suggested by the pattern.  This has never happened before.  Stitch gauge, and almost row gauge too.

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