Tweets for May 16th to May 31st

  • There is something deeply addictive about mail tracking websites when you're waiting for a parcel.
  • Knitting on needles made from stealth bomber material is curiously faster than on wooden needles, and infinitely geekier.
  • Yellow Lamborghini in the parking lot at work, right next to my car. Guess it wanted to park next to a car that can really move...
  • Link "Rule #4 for the woman who gets a black eye in karate class: Next time, keep your guard up. You want to get killed?"
  • Will never look at a pencil the same way again after Sundays self defence seminar
  • Making the transition from flats to 3in heels, feels like learning to walk all over again.
  • Blocking wires ROCK, no way am I ever going back to all pins! Shawl grew 50% and it was effortless, and straight.
  • People on the phone in the bathroom: hang up and pee! And wash your hands this time...
  • Packing a dangerous pair of 38s at the renfaire #icanhascorset  #myeyesareuphere

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