Slow going

My Butternut scarf looks exactly the same but longer, twelve of eighteen repeats are complete.  The pattern says to do fifteen repeats, but I have extra yarn.  The only difference is I moved it to a set of Blackthorn needles, double points made from the material used for the outer skin of the Blackbird Stealth Jet.  The needles are very strong, properly pointy, slick but not slippery, and they whisper when they rub together.  It's fast knitting with these things.  They're not cheap, but I like them.

I'm spinning the third bobbin of Falklands wool for a 3 ply yarn.  Spinning and watching episodes of Merlin after work.  If this comes out as a decent length of sport weight yarn, I'll be very happy.  It's deep ruby red and lovely to spin.

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