Tweets for March 1st to March 15th

  • Blinky screen RIGHT BY MY FACE while new hard drive sorts itself out.  The blink tag was banned under the Geneva Convention for a reason!
  • My phone thinks I am at an Amtrak station in Alexandria VA, & has set its timezone accordingly.  Bloody GPS won't stick on real location.
  • Birthday t-shirt from @psh SELECT finger FROM hand WHERE id=3.  Also bacon salt.  Thank you!
  • How can I be reasonably fit in the karate studio but craptacularly awful at running?  Did 20 minutes & it felt like an hour.
  • Microsoft says stop using IE6. Personally I'm not keen on IE7 or IE8 either. #teamfirefox #teamchrome
  • English English for Americans #1: higgledy-piggledy (adj), a disorganised mess
  • English English for Americans #2: jiggery-pokery (n), trickery, messing around, how you solve a tricky problem
  • Answering physics questions for a story about a magical duel is fun!
  • Adjusting scone recipe for ovens that actually oven when they're told to.  Have also exceeded minimum level of mess required to get an apron.
  • Writing the start of a story while two loaves of bread rise in the kitchen. First bread of the year, first story of the year.
  • Daylight Saving Time is evil, I'm getting up in the dark again. I heard an owl this morning, lucky thing still thought it was 5am.
  • Happy pi (π) day, America & Canada, it's 3/14! Britain has to wait till 22 July for their pi day. Go forth & circulate.
  • 1st thought after tetanus shot: I can handle raw wool & sharp combs safely! 2nd thought: Ow. Really ow!

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