Tweets for March 16th to March 31st

  • Why is it considered OK for doctors to be over an hour late?  No other profession gets away with that & it messes up your whole day.
  • By coincidence I brought British Flapjacks to work on the day of my performance review.  Raise now please?
  • Begone caffeine headache, the power of tea compels you.
  • First ribeye steak of the year on the newly cleaned grill.
  • Glass shards from an exploded light bulb travel further than you think.
  • White blossoms on trees and snow on the ground.  Must be St Louis in the spring.
  • Hi, Winter? Yeah, I think you forgot something.  Like the fact you're supposed to be GONE and take your snow with you, you unwanted guest!
  • Have successfully blended English and American personas: will talk to random strangers, but only about the weather.
  • In self-imposed quarantine on day 2 of zombie death cold.  Send tea and crumpets.
  • Out of the office for two days and some weasel has half-inched my spare chair!  Visitors will have to stand.

I've been quiet lately because I've been ill and tired.  In theory, I'm better now.

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