Tweets for January 1st to January 15th

  • Bread rising bucket ordered to replace the one I accidentally melted in the oven.  Whole wheat/Asiago cheese bread turned out OK despite it.
  • First seeds of a new novel idea to follow on from the 2009 NaNoWriMo novel arrived today.  Do I wait for November?  Or write it now?
  • Merrily using the kitchen floodlights safe in the knowledge there's a gadget to change light bulbs on a 13ft ceiling without a ladder.
  • Would the person in the office who is NOT sick please stand up?  We have some cold germs to share with you.  We know you're out there.
  • Have found both the Turner seascape and the undiscovered Shakespearean sonnet today.  Enough with the cold already.
  • xkcd: How to Write Good Code.  Which loop are you on?
  • Have a minor knitting injury I hope I will not die from ( Double point needle poked my foot, some blood, I'm OK.
  • Why is my iPod out of charge when I need it most? How does it know? Is there another iPod that's always charged & can I trade for that one?
  • 296 downloads in 2 days of my new Ravelry knitting pattern, Orwell Bridge scarf! Wow!
  • Re-inking fake freckle on left hand for karate group class, then sparring.  My first sparring class since June, a bit scared of epic fail.
  • I survived sparring class! 8 fights, including 3 in a row.  Next challenge: remembering to breathe while sparring.

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