Tweets for February 1st to February 15th

  • Why do Addi needles come in non-standard sizes for the US1 & US2?  "Standard" means everyone, including you.
  • People on Etsy: If it has SIX sides, it's not an octagon, it's a HEXAGON.  Seen this on 2 pieces already and it's annoying.  And WRONG
  • Seriously considering a scarf made from silk hankies after seeing the mittens yarnharlot made.
  • I have 6 red roses & stargazer lilies on my desk from @psh. Happy 17th date-iversary for tomorrow love!
  • Getting white silk hankies (for spinning), knitting them unspun into a little scarf, then dying it with tea, is this a good or bad idea?
  • I am informed that my posse name is "The Bodacious Double Tea". Must figure out a way to get this into everyday conversations.
  • There's cold, there's bloody cold, and there's "what were you THINKING going out in that?" Today is the latter, -11C on my drive to work.
  • Is it un-American of me to still use Celsius?  I find Fahrenheit confusing.
  • -11 Celsius = 12 Fahrenheit = 262 Kelvin.  Kelvin sounds warmest.
  • Knitting with unspun silk pulled off a mawata (silk hankie) is WEIRD in a good way. Love the results so far, and it's froggable! Bizarre...

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