FO: Lilac Bladderwrack socks

Bladderwrack is a variety of seaweed, and the reverse seaweed rib in Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns reminded me of seeing it on beaches in Suffolk as a child.  I got this yarn when Chris' Needlecraft closed down in 2009.

Lilac bladderwrack socks.

Pattern: My own design
Yarn: Artyarns Ultramerino 4
Needles: US1.5 (2.5mm)
Duration: 14th January to 13th February
Ravelry project: Lilac Bladderwrack socks

These came out slightly looser than I like, but are perfect for around the house as we have a "no shoes" policy.  The yarn requires hand washing, which I wouldn't normally use for socks, but it's squishy and plump and nice to work with.  The stitch definition is fantastic and it rarely splits.  I found a few places where I'd only caught one ply, but it was easy to drop the stitch down and fetch it.

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