Tweets for April 2nd to 30th

  • Contact lens boxes mis-labelled, v confused.  Left is the side with the wedding ring, right?
  • May have reached SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) on spinning fibre, still in denial about yarn
  • Destashing on Ravelry is very hit and miss, this time was a BIG hit.  Now for the jewellery shopping on Etsy...
  • Practising sais in front yard, neighbour probably thinks I'm knife wielding maniac. She may be right.
  • Loves how a group of knitters will pause conversations while someone is counting pattern repeats.
  • Counting down to a blue belt, 6 forms and 1 kata to go.  Lots of elbow and eye strikes in this belt.
  • Fixed my new necklace, for values of "fixed" that include wire cutters, pliers, a new bail, & a new chain.

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