Spaghetti junction

Lace knitting looks like a pile of noodle barf while it's in


Working on a knitspot pattern, the Butternut scarf, in hot pink Malabrigo lace yarn.  Nice simple pattern, and I have enough yarn to add a few repeats.  There's a misplaced purl stitch which should have been a knit, but you'll not see it unless I point it out, and I don't plan to.  The yarn feels thin and fragile, and it's difficult to rip back.  I'm wondering about its long-term durability.  There are comments on Ravelry about the yarn pilling and it can easily be snapped by hand.  I definitely like the knitted fabric though.  Four of sixteen repeats complete...

Butternut scarf.

Persephone by MimKnits suffered a catastrophic lacewreck last weekend, all 19 rows ripped out.  Most likely operator error which I'm blaming on the storm and half inch hail that accompanied the tornado warning on Saturday.  It touched down in Des Peres/Kirkwood, several miles south and ripped out trees.  All we got was pounding rain, hail, and some amazing lightening.  I like the pattern, and the yarn, but I need to pay more attention to it, and not work on this at the karate studio before group class.  Found a knot in the yarn to deal with later.

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