Tweets for April 1st to April 15th

  • List of April 1st RFCs on Wikipedia
  • OH at least twice a week: "I'm not being argumentative but... (argue argue argue f-bomb argue disagree)"
  • What does one wear, on Casual Friday, to an interview with Federal Investigative Services about a security clearance one already got?
  • There's a recipes microformat! "Recipes that are not for stuff that's meant to be eaten by humans are out of scope."
  • Hot sweet milky tea soothes many a troubled brow.
  • Attended Monroe County Sheep and Craft festival in Waterloo, IL.  I may now need a Mini Rex rabbit or seven.
  • Bought a dress today & doubled my collection of nice dresses.  It looks very smart, professional, & unlike anything else I wear.
  • Why do women's business outfits lack pockets? I dislike wearing my security badge around my neck like a cow bell.

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