Cool Etsy shops

I'm confident these Etsy shops will never end up on Regretsy.  I've either bought from these, or love their stores.

Idle Hands Designs
Maker of the sutured heart necklace, which I have been wearing most days since I got one earlier this year.  Mine is oxidised and scuffed, it looks like a heart that's been through the wars and is still soldiering on.

Jessi Taylor
I have two necklaces from here, a raspberry mosaic tile, and a piece of lemon quartz.  Both are lovely, small but not fragile, made with oxidised silver.

Jewels Vine
This New Zealand artist makes the most amazing robot jewelry, the owl is my favourite.  The lockets are awesome steampunk creations, tiny but well-formed.

Siren Jewels
I love the style of the pendants in this store.  They are all unique, all made by the shop owner, and use unusual stones like larimar and gaspeite.

Molecular Muse
The serotonin molecule, made in silver as a pendant.  Or caffeine, or theobromin, or several other molecules.  This shop makes my inner science geek happy.

Silver Beyond Ordinary
Chunky hand-carved silver pendants, cast in silver. I have a Fleur de Lis pendant from here and love it.

Solstice Yarns
This is the only place I've seen yarn made from Falkland wool, or a yarn made with Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and silk.  Strong colours and a lot of solids and shaded solids.

Juno Fiber Arts
Fantastic BFL sock yarn from England, plus other weights.  I have a skein of the BFL sock from here and love it.

Apple Rose Fibers
This store has Cormo top which was featured in Spin Off magazine a while back.  They also have California Red roving, which looks lovely.

For Strange Women
Lip balms, solid perfumes, and perfume oils made from plant extractions in Kansas City MO.  The descriptions of the scents are intriguing, and I like her attitude of reducing plastics.  Love the two lip balms I got, the Rosewood flavour in a cardboard tube and the Absinthe in a plastic tube.

Have It Sweet
Well worth the wait to get your batch custom-made, and you get a projected date too.  I got some caramels last year and they were fabulous!

Nicholas and Felice
I have one of the aluminium shawl pins from here, the tulip/lyre style, it's graceful and light.

Panoptic Empyrean
This is my friend Jen's shop.  I've seen her work, and I like it, especially her sketches of birds (which are not in the shop).

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