Tweets for the week of July 3rd

<li>Found out Michael Jackson died in the Mac store.  Didn't believe it till we saw it on the BBC website too.  Weird. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Committing acts of recursion, feels like standing between two mirrors.  Also, no, MJ didn't die in the Mac store. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Really like teaching people to knit.  Also seeing someone realise the value of a lifeline when they dropped a stitch down multiple rows. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Laclede Gas said our appointment would be between 8 and 12.  Their guy turned up at 11:57. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Fascinated with Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.  Does the restaurant ever end up succeeding? <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Halfway through techniques for my purple belt!  And we get to spar next week.  Yay! <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, &quot;Instead of the cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung.&quot; <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Curious: what kind of lady drives a big black SUV with a &quot;Gangster Grandma&quot; sticker in the back window?  Would love to meet her. <a href="">#</a></li>

<li>Cannot believe how fast the birdseed is getting eaten, they will be too fat to fly at this rate!  Feeder emptied in 2 days flat. <a href="">#</a></li>

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