Monday night Hubby and I drove down to the Chocolate Bar for late night dessert: 10:20 pm, 28C (82.4F), and summer has finally arrived in St Louis.  Facing a week of temperatures over 30C, Britain is declaring a heatwave.  BBC News: Ten ways to beat the heat.

After two less-than-dazzling summers, the sun is back. Temperatures in parts of the UK this week are expected to top 30° Celsius, prompting the Met Office to issue its first ever heatwave warning.

I've seen temperatures here of up to 43C (110F), but everywhere has air conditioning available, and many stores really ice down the atmosphere.  No wonder Bristow melted when he came to visit back in June 2002.  We should have got him a tent in the penguin house at the zoo...  Maybe next time.

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