Tour de Fleece - Skein and bobbin

There are two separate Tour de Fleece's going on, the one I'm doing, and another one on Ravelry with prizes and hoopla. They both apparently started in 2006.  A highlight of the Tour de Fleece I'm signed up with is the list of participant blogs on the main page, because spinner's blogs aren't always easy to find.

My goals were two well-plied skeins by July 26th, and spinning every weekday.  Four days in, I already had the best 2 ply skein I've done. Maybe I need to add another goal.

Tuesday 7th July

Yesterday's mohair skein is dry, and it's balanced and mostly even, with a slight halo.  It is the best two ply I've produced and I'm looking forward to knitting with it.  Planning to make a kerchief for bad hair days.

Spinning 2oz of 60/40 Suri alpaca and Icelandic sheep blend for another 2 ply skein, this one will be a light beige colour.  Brief window of spinning time before karate group class, taught by Aimee.  When she has us do the spinning wheel kick, I get a mental image of booting a Schacht across the room.

Wednesday 8th July

Kicked over the bag at karate last night for the first time ever!  I've been trying to do that since I started group classes back in December.

Very pleased with how the mohair skein turned out.  The plying is very good, not too much twist and it looks consistent.  Slowing down is key for me.  Planning to dye it with tea next week.

Spun more alpaca/Icelandic on the wheel, over halfway through the first bobbin and spinning well.  It's a nice toasty colour but the fibre sheds like crazy!  Got a tea towel to lay on my lap when I'm spinning.  This will probably end up a light fingering weight when it's plied.

Skein and bobbin.

Thursday 9th July

More alpaca/Icelandic on the wheel today.  Finished the first bobbin and started the second.

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