Tour de Fleece - first skein

My goal for this year's Tour de Fleece is to spin every weekday of the Tour de France, and to have two decently plied skeins by the end.  I tend to rush the plying and so it can be more twisty than it should be.  Decided to leave Bevin for another challenge because my "Teach yourself visually handspinning" suggested spinning it from the fold.  Worked on the rest of a 2oz bag of kid mohair instead.

Saturday 4th July

First Independence Day as a US citizen!  No spinning today, made awesome fresh cherry pie and lit fireworks for the first time in my life.

Sunday 5th July

Spun 1.5oz of mohair on the Majacraft Rose, spinning it thin with a wicked amount of twist, it seems to require that.  Singles on the bobbin have a nice halo.  Using kid mohair from Blackwater Treasures in a grey/white colour that has some VM in it, fibre feels pre-drafted out of the bag, very easy to spin.  Two bobbins ready to ply.  Hadn't expected to finish it so fast and I have no idea what to spin next.

Kid mohair skein.

Monday 6th July

Left the mohair overnight to set a little before plying.  Tried to slow down and keep checking for balance as I plied, came out with 102yds of light fingering weight yarn.  Washed it, thwapped it against the shower wall, and hung it up to dry.  Next!

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