Tour de Fleece 2011 (part three)

Knitting goes by the wayside during the Tour de Fleece, restricted to lunchtimes at work and some time at the karate studio between and before classes.  The knitted projects currently being neglected are an Aria Delicato lace scarf, and a hemp wash cloth using doubled laceweight yarn.

I'm trucking along with my New Zealand Polwarth this week, I got this in January 2009 as a custom order, the colourway is "Sunburnt Country" and I was expecting it to be a lot more orange and less pink from the pictures.

(NB: These daily updates are posted on my Tour de Fleece 2011 page first.)

Monday 11th July
Official rest day for both Tour de France and Tour de Fleece, but my goal was to spin every day, even if only for 15 minutes.  Working on the red/pink Polwarth from Southern Cross Fibres, I'm liking the colours more as I see them up close, I'm aiming this to be a little thicker than I spun the blue fibre, but not much.  Blue and red skeins are almost dry.

Tuesday 12th July
Taking this as my rest day from yesterday, exhausted after an hour of karate class and an hour of sparring.

Wednesday 13th July
Accidentally destroyed my blog and spent two hours of spinning time doing low level repairs in the database to restore it.  And yes, it is now thoroughly backed up and repaired.  Spun some polwarth, but not near as much as I'd hoped to get done.  Finished the first quarter of the first bobbin, started on the next fuzz lump.

Thursday 14th July
Spun for 10 minutes before work, liking the colours more as I see them spun up.  Did some more after karate practice at home, while watching old episodes of Doctor Who, have just over a quarter left to go on this bobbin.  The fibre spins better from one direction than the other.

Two skeins and a bobbin.

Friday 15th July
Spun between work and the karate group class at 4:30pm, and again after dinner.  Finished the first bobbin and started the second.

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