Tough love

It's a hard decision:  Put the socks on hold and knit only the lace.  Lunchtime knitting will end when NaNoWriMo starts, it will be reduced to a bribe (get the daily two thousand words written and you can knit ten rows on the lace).  Faina's scarf has a Christmas deadline and the socks do not.  Trampoline Stretch sock yarn is OK so far, I've had a couple of yarn splits.  It hasn't produced the hoped-for tiger stripes but you get the general impression from the colours.  It's a toe-up Sherman sock with 2x2 rib, knit on a size 1 40 inch Addi.

Tiger socks.

Faina is now on the second ball of yarn at last.  There's a seed stitch border, I guess that'll have to do for weaving in the two ends.  I can make the rest of the scarf with the second ball, and fringe with the leftovers.  I'm on the third pattern repeat (row 93 of 133) out of a total of four, plus two half-pattern ends.  The scarf is a lot lighter than I was expecting, and very soft.  Silky Wool drapes well, and shows the lace pattern nicely.

I'm still loving the lace effect.  My lessons from this pattern have been making holes without freaking out and two new ways to decrease.  It's a surprise present, I hope she likes it!  The lace pattern has been forgiving, there are at least three mistakes in there so far, but I'm having trouble finding them, so they can't be that bad, and it's my first lace project.  This is my second Fiber Trends pattern, and both have been clear and error-free.  I picked up the Pineapple hat last weekend, to go with the Pumpkin and Acorn hats I already had.  I'm thinking about making the Fuchsia Lace scarf some day.

I've got project guilt.  The small blanket I started isn't going to be done anytime soon because I ran out of leftover yarn.  The Eternal Sweater is waiting for half the front, one arm, and seaming.  Once Faina is done, I'm planning to go back to that, do a few rows a night and finish it.  The seed stitch slows me down, that probably isn't helping the project.  I love the cables, but at the back of my mind I'm wondering if I have enough yarn to finish.  I have just less than half the yarn left.  It's a Sirdar pattern, using Sirdar Country Style Aran yarn.  The project's an old friend.

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