Tools at hand

It's not often I get someone ask me to knit for them.  At Sunday brunch, Trenton asked for a beanie in brown or off-white.  I happened to have a tape measure with me to measure his head, and I picked up some yarn I've been wanting to play with for a while, Zealana Rimu fingering weight (though I'd call it a heavy fingering/light sport).  It's 60% merino, 40% NZ brushtailed possum fur.  The more invasive brushtailed possums get culled in New Zealand, the better it is for the native wildlife, so, save a kiwi, knit a hat!

I don't usually have the tape measure with me.  Part of my Everyday Carry in my handbag is a safety pin and a couple of stitch markers.  If I have my project bag I also have a crochet hook, scrap yarn, stitch holders, pen, double pointed needles in size US00 and US3, and a spare lip balm or four, along with the project bag tape measure.  In both the handbag and work bag I have some basic makeup, hair bands (kept in a zippered pocket to keep Quantum the cat from stealing them), nail file and clippers, and a small pot of headache pills.  There is always at least one notebook in the car, along with a tire pressure gauge, an LED flashlight, a pen, and some quarters for parking meters.

Hubby has a small Benchmade knife in his, we both have a Leatherman multi-tool, which gives us a good sharp blade.  Car, workbag, and handbag also have some travel tissues, the car also has emergency gloves, scarf and hat (my prototype for the Landguard hat).

What do you consider essential equipment?  What should a knitter have in their Everyday Carry?

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