FO: Trenton's Beanie

Some people have never owned a handknitted object.  Trenton was one of them and he asked for a hat, brown or off-white.  The Halfdome is my go-to beanie pattern, though I do mine in the round because hats done flat is just unnecessary seaming.

Trenton's hat.

Pattern: Halfdome with modifications
Yarn: Zealana Rimu Special Edition Fingering
Needles: US3 circular
Duration:20th August to 2nd September

Halfdome is for worsted weight yarn, I'm using heavy fingering weight.  I got gauge, but the large hat grew while I was working on it so I restarted and the medium size fit well.  The fabric has a halo of possum hairs that make it look like it's been home to a shedding cat.  It feels silky and very warm on my hands as I work.  Trenton works outside and this will keep him toasty in the autumn.

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