Thursday Lists

Songs on repeat on my iPod:

  • Fort Minor - Where'd you go?
  • James Blunt - You're beautiful
  • The Fray - Over my head (cable car)
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket - Walk on the ocean
  • Vanessa Mae - Devil's Trill
  • Lacuna Coil - Comalies (the whole album)

Lessons learned from my cotton sock (one down, one to go):

  • All cotton yarn is not created equal.  Meilenweit Maya is nice to work with and feels good to wear.
  • How to increase by picking up part of the stitch below (You're putting me on pattern).
  • You can pick up stitches with a tapestry needle when the stitch is too tight to get the knitting needle in.
  • It's possible to do a heel flap on a toe-up sock.  I still prefer the Sherman heel but now I know an alternate.
  • How to shift the pivot point for magic loop from side to front and back.  Doesn't have to be nearly so dramatic as I made it.
  • Lace is wider than stocking stitch.  This isn't always a problem, especially when you were planning some minor leg shaping and forgot.
  • Do not attempt lace when you're tired, you WILL mess it up. Not once, but three times!  Even really simple lace from the Dublin Bay sock pattern.
  • Someone's unloved sock yarn is someone else's cool pair of socks.

Places that sell nifty stuff:

  • Levenger (paper, pens, reader's tools, bags, books, highly useful stuff)
  • ThinkGeek (gadgets, caffeine, and many excellent t-shirts)
  • Digital Blasphemy (beautiful desktop wallpaper, check out the free gallery and user gallery too)
  • Crown Mountain Farms (fibre and yarn and other useful stuff)
  • Powells (good quality second hand books, based in Portland, Oregon)
  • Teavana (loose-leaf teas and tea-making paraphernalia)
  • Whole Foods (their hemp/cotton t-shirts are cooler than cotton ones)

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