Therapy cat

Quantum is about two years old now, she was our house warming present from Pat and Jodi.  Her tail had been crushed, and then amputated since it wouldn't have healed, so she's a bobtail cat.  Her previous owners didn't want her without the tail, we were looking for a cat to put in the new house, so she came to us.  Her tail stump was just healed, belly hair all short from spaying, and weighing a mere three pounds.

Quantum as a kitten.

Now she's pretty much full grown, and thirteen pounds big.  You notice this cat when she sits on the AC vent and blocks all air flow to the study, or decides she must get between you and the keyboard.  She's smart enough to never be seen on table tops, or even in mid-leap off the table tops.  Quantum is the original therapy cat, around when you need some four-legged comfort, comes running when you call her, usually waiting for me when I get home.  She's mostly silent.

Quantum today.

Tangle is a little more unpolished and a lot more noisy, orange and with a full tail.  Probably taken from his mother too soon.  He doesn't eat or drink as tidily as Quantum, throws his tail out behind for all to step on, and is afraid of plastic bags.  He does know his name, he just hasn't got the idea of coming when called.  He has three drives: hunger, blind panic, and need for affection.  Hates strangers, but he's very cuddly when the strangers go.  Blind panic outweighs need for affection for a while, until hunger sets in.  Never get between this cat and the food bowl.  Both are "four-wheel drive," cats with all their claws.  Their names are related, Tangle's full name is Tangle Mint, so we have Quantum and Tangle Mint (quantum entanglement).  It's a Physics geek thing.

Tangle Mint.

Just in case you were thinking this was a blog about knitting.  ;-)  Thanks for the idea Norma.

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