The week in fibre

Finished the English Country Garden socks just before we left, those arrived safely in their new home on Friday.  Being away from home for a week had other advantages.  I did the whole foot of my cotton lace socks and found a yarn store, bead store, and Starbucks within two minutes of each other.  Wheaton IL is great!  Then I came home to a parcel of goodies from Susan!  Thus, my week in fibre:

Cotton socks in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Maya, done up to the part in the pattern where it says "pick up 11 stitches."  This frightens me, and I needed to be at home to do it.  Like the yarn, lovely colours, minimal splitty action, and soft.  Next is a yarn store haul.  Visited Never Enough Knitting on Main Street in Wheaton and picked up some snappy Trekking yarn (colour 131, called Bee Happy), Lavish Lace, a book I've been eyeing for a while, and a pattern for a cute summer bag designed by the store.  They have yarn kits to match.  It's a nice store, they have an 1850s yarn winder and an old spinning wheel in the back.  I've wanted to try Trekking for a while now and this colour just jumped out at me.

Cotton lace sock in progress.
Wheaton yarn haul.

Finally, fibery spinning people as enablers part #36984:  Susan sent me a spinner's care package!  There's some cinnamon-coloured camel down, pretty purple "roving from an unknown but very soft sheep," and two bags of sable that feel soft as soap bubbles.  I can't wait to try spinning this stuff!  Sable spells luxury to me, it feels wonderful!  And it all came with my very own dishwashing cloth, I'm so happy, thank you!

Fibre sampler and dishcloth.

There was also an Ikea raid on the way home.  They were out of the coffee table we liked, but I got a foldable spinning chair among the haul.  No more dragging the wheel up and down stairs to the sofa, whenever it arrives in town.  My Ashford Kiwi is no longer mine, it was sold to Rox a couple of weeks ago and a replacement wheel is on the way...

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