Post conference

Arrived back from the Vineyard Midwest Conference late last night, thanks to various roadworks.  Most people stayed on the Wheaton College campus where the conference was held.  It was so nice to be able to walk to the cafeteria, eat with friends, and walk to the workshops and main sessions.  OK, the rooms weren't hotel quality, sharing a segregated bathroom was a little odd so many years after university, but it worked.  The campus staff were nice, cafeteria food was good, and the bookstore was excellent.

Went to workshops by Dan Paxton of Heartland Vineyard (developing an effective leadership team), John and Sue Marsden of River Heights Vineyard (couples in ministry), and Jeff Heidkamp of Mercy Vineyard (communicating the gospel with clarity).  I loved Jeff's workshop, we're getting the CD to use with homegroup.

Came away with a potential challenge, lots to think about, and a new friend who lives in St Louis.

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