The Plan

Thanks to everyone who left guilt- and anxiety-inducing comments on my last post, I can feel it motivating me!  So here is my brand new project queue, with no more than 3 WIPs at one time.  I can't take any more than that.  I came out as Completer-Finisher on some personality test at university, and I need to finish this lot.  I'm starting with the Eternal Sweater for Hubby, Sarah's socks, and purple socks for me in progress.  This is my life for the next few months.  I have a plan and it's going to happen, starting this weekend.

WIPs Task
3 Finish Sarah's socks, cast on Umbilical Cord hat for Jen's not-yet-born baby, do ribbing for front of Eternal Sweater (ES), celebrate restart of cherished but stalled project for beloved Hubby with Whole foods Swiss Milk Chocolate.
3 Finish umbilical cord hat, cast on second purple sock, do one pattern repeat for ES, swear never to have two pairs of socks on the go at once ever again. Never.
2 Finish purple sock, cast on Pumpkin hat, do second pattern repeat for ES, pray nephew's head grows to correct size for hat, or that brother-in-law really likes pumpkins. Rejoice at having only two projects in progress.
2 Finish Pumpkin hat for nephew/brother-in-law, cast on Mermaid socks, do third pattern repeat for ES. Buy more chocolate to celebrate.
2 Finish Mermaid socks, finish ES front with fourth and final pattern repeat, collapse in a heap, buy more chocolate, curse the summer for denying self the chance to show off nifty Mermaid socks, and start exercising to combat effects of celebratory chocolate.
2 Cast on last ES sleeve, cast on Shapely Tank, panic about sweater curse and remind self of eight and a bit years marital blitz bliss. Try to relax.
0 Finish ES and present to Hubby, finish Shapely Tank, find new purpose in life. Cast on three new knitting projects, become Master Hand Knitter, save the elephants, reverse Global Warming, develop super powers, bring about world peace, collapse on sofa, take a well deserved nap vacation.

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