The Great Wollmeise Frenzy

There's this yarn, Wollmeise, dyed in Germany in vivid colours.  It's nice yarn.  The colours are intense and you get 50% more than other yarns.  Wollmeise is made by one person, so it's rare and coveted.  Every time it arrives at The Loopy Ewe there's a feeding frenzy that makes a pack of hungry sharks look like little old ladies.

It was up for sale this week in three batches.  The first was on Monday at 12:30pm.  The second batch was on Tuesday at 9pm, the final one on Wednesday around 5pm.  I was online on Monday and though the colour I wanted was already gone, I got my first ever skein in the Sonne colour.  While I was checking the names of colours on Wednesday, I got a skein of Granatapfel, which I'd wanted in the first place.

Wollmeise in Granatapfel.

It's much prettier in person, but the camera isn't getting it.  Photographing the radioactive orange skein of Sonne was impossible, it was just too bright.  That one was sold to another "Wollmeise virgin" in Ohio.  Many people got their first skein this way through a thread on the Ravelry forums, it's nice to see people helping each other out.  Wollmeise fever has passed for now, until the next batch arrives...

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