One hundred ugly cars

From the Telegraph, the 100 Ugliest cars of all time.  This was a poll of British readers, but take a look at what claimed the top slot:

Cars 100-81, cars 80-61, cars 60-41, cars 40-21, and the final 20-1.

The editor's comments on each car are funny.  The Honda Insight came in at #96, my first car, the Austin/Mini/Rover Metro came in at #76, with the Citroen 2CV at #56.  The Robin Reliant (Mr Bean's car) was #37 and the Mini was #26.

They also did a poll of the 100 most beautiful cars of all time.  The Mini is in this list at #91.  The Morgan Plus 4 made it to #31, beaten by the Jaguar Mk 2 at #12.  The Jaguar E Type claimed the top spot, but I didn't see the TVR Cerbera in the list, which is a beautiful car that growls even when it's idling.

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