The Great Unknown

I am going to try knitting Faina's Scarf by Fiber Trends.  It's a geometric lace scarf, to be knit with Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Dawn Rose (colour 12), which is a dusty pink colour.  I was planning to knit the Koigu Patch of Berries scarf, until I met the pattern.  This is my second Fiber Trends pattern, and the last one (the Acorn hat) had great instructions, so I have hope.

I have never knit lace before.  I'm hoping this doesn't end up the knitting equivalent of a twelve car pile-up with severed heads bouncing down the highway.  The adventure will begin after I've done the finishing work on my summer purse and completed Hubby's socks.  This scarf is not for me, hence the girly pink yarn.

Any lace-knitting tips would be greatly appreciated!  I plan to have emergency chocolate on hand when I start.

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