Life and knitting

On Monday I discovered the cure for the common cold, it works almost instantly.  Struck oil in the back yard on Tuesday and invented a car engine that runs on cold fusion lunchtime today.  My cat Quantum got nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics and the novel I wrote last November is number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

OK, that's all lies, but whatever I write is going to be an anticlimax after posting about skydiving!

Rented the Lego Star Wars game for Xbox, it's fantastic!  You can play all three new episodes and you get to kill Jar-Jar Binks!  Over and over again, he obligingly returns after you've killed him.  Take revenge for that stupid accent and for helping Palpatine!  Push him off cliffs, lead him into droid patrols and walk away, or just wap him with a lightsaber!

The Summer Purse survived the washing machine and required two days of drying time on a cereal box, I should have just stuffed it in the dryer.  All I need now is a big button and to sew on the strap.  Right now it looks like this:

Summer purse.

There's a second pocket on the inside in lime, and I'm going to do an i-cord button loop on the front flap.  Any button suggestions?  I'm thinking big and silver.  Or shell, or horn.  Or something.

There's a film coming up in September called Serenity.  It's the big screen version of Firefly, a Joss Whedon sci-fi TV series that got cancelled in the first series.  Think western in space and you're getting it, I love the show.  The Scifi channel is showing all the episodes in correct order starting this Friday.  In one episode Jayne Cobb is sent a knitted hat by his mother and he wears it the whole episode.  Hubby asked me to knit a Jayne hat for him to wear to the opening night.

Jayne Cobb's cunning hat.
"Man walks down the street in a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything."

Wash, in "The Message."

There are a couple of patterns around for the hat, knit in bulky yarn.  I'm planning a worsted weight version using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes.

Hubby's second sock is four inches from done, I started the ribbing for the cuff at lunchtime.  Looks like there will be just enough of the Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn to finish, so I have a leftover skein and I'm really upset about that.

Hubby's second sock.

Hubby will have a pair of wool/mohair socks just in time for summer.  There's something not quite right there but I can't quite figure it out.  Maybe the 32C/90F weather we've been having?

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