Testing, testing...

Blog (the Delphi program) can get to Caffeinated Bliss and publish a blog to it.  Took a bit of poking around to get the settings right, but it can be done.  This is good.  Now I know what settings I'll need to put in Chronicle's Site object, the next piece of the puzzle.  Paul says the publishing part will be easy.

CQHost has stats that look a lot like Webalizer, which is a very good thing.  I hadn't realised Webalizer was free, GPL'd code though.

Open Source and Free Software licenses are complex beasts.  I lean more towards Open Source than Free Software, mainly because it seems to work commercially, which is the acid test in my opinion.

If you know someone's going to be looking at your code, you write it differently to some program only you will see.  When the source to a popular game (it could have been Descent) was released, someone went through and counted all the profanities in the code, and there were several.  The first serious programs I wrote in a real language (FORTRAN 77 does not count) were example and teaching programs to show others how to do Visual Basic database operations.  I soon repented of using variable names like womble and hexagon and began using more useful ones, like SiteConfig and lblAbout.  All it took was a few months wading through someone else's spaghetti code in a program aptly named Erratic.  I try to write my code for the poor soul who's going to have to sit down and work through it in six months time with no documentation.

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