Went to a training session last night on the Tapestries program, writing life  stories for elderly people in a nursing home.  The writing doesn't worry me too  much, but the interviews are daunting.  As practice, we have to interview one of  the other volunteers, preferably one we don't know well, and write up a story for  review next session. I've never done a face to face interview before.  We're  meeting next week for coffee and life stories.

The interviews with the "elders" eventually get turned into a book  they can give their families, printed and bound with pictures scanned in and a big  font.  We have a long list of interview questions as starters.  Elizabeth Vega,  the writer giving the training, is a good teacher, easy to listen to and  encouraging ("it doesn't have to be perfect!").  There may not be people  ready to interview straight away, but I'll give it a try for one person.  After  that, who knows?

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