T plus four

The NaNoWriMo website suffered its usual overload and spent much of the last few days lying on its back twitching.  My body count so far is three bandits and a lynx, Hubby killed off three drunk Norwegians on day 2, so we're tied.  Came into work on Monday with my laptop for lunchtime writing, and the novel seems to be going swimmingly.  If I can keep writing 2000 words a day, I should be done by Thanksgiving.  I'm writing chapter two of twelve.

I've even got a little knitting in.  This is my Viking sock with two repeats of the big cable completed, and the two skeins of yarn from yarn lust, merino/seacell on the left and merino/silver on the right:

Yarns and a sock.

In person they are a deep rich red purple colour, and a sparkly grey and black.  I was expecting the merino/silver yarn to be a bit scratchy, but it seems very soft.  It's easier to kill a few minutes with the sock than the laptop so the sock is still travelling with me.

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