T minus one

NaNoWriMo starts


Hubby and I will be at the St Charles write-in at the Crooked Tree

Coffee House on First Capitol Drive.

The St Louis region on NaNoWriMo has officially challenged Columbia, MO, Manchester, England and the entire country of Wales to a Word War. Last year we had an epic battle with Indianapolis IN and it was a riot!  Columbia MO accepted the challenge, we have to beat their average output per writer since they're a smaller region than St Louis. Manchester is more our size, and they've also accepted the challenge. I'll be tracking our progress against them with a Regional Word War widget on our St Louis Word Wars page.

Instead of knitting through lunch at work, I'll be camped out in the cafeteria with my MacBook using Apple Pages.  I can punch out about a thousand words at lunch, the rest of my word count is done when I get home, and only then can I knit or spin.  My other projects will get woefully neglected.

I had intended to finish Eris by November.  Made it to the short rows for the hem, and I still love it and intend to finish.  The Trekking Firestarter socks bit the dust last week.  The twisted travelling stitches looked bad and the chart was very confusing.  I hope the other Yarnissima patterns are clearer.  Re-skeined the yarn on my niddy and pulled something out of timeout: Tempted yarn in Envy, a nice dark green and very soft.  It's becoming Viking Socks.  I'm doing ribbing at the back instead of cabling after reading a few reports of cables making it too tight to get on a foot.  Love the big complicated cables though, and the fact that they are mirrored.

I'm planning a lace scarf to test a yarn made from merino, silk, and sterling silver.  If I like it, I might do a Waves in the Square shawl with the same yarn.  Got it from yarnlust on Etsy, the colour is Marcasite, all black and sparkling.  Also got a skein of her 60/40 merino/seacell yarn in Currant, a dark red purple.  That was a special order and Rosalynn was great to shop from.

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