Sweater? What sweater?

I took this week off from the Eternal Sweater and worked on the novel at lunch.  My two beta readers (Hubby and Rox) have liked it so far.  Hit the thirty thousand word mark Thursday night, which means a nice black line on my progress graph.  Of all the utilities Hubby wrote for NaNo, the progress graph is my favourite.

Part of the training for the Tapestries program (helping residents of a nursing home write their life stories) was a session on the Memories Inked system (Windows only).  Once a book is assembled in their (Windows only) program, you can get printed copies made, soft or hard cover.  Might be useful to someone doing NaNoWriMo.  I was thinking about polishing my three NaNo stories and putting them in a hard cover book along with their respective NaNoWriMo certificates.  Pretty sure I'm going to win it this year.

My next writing project will be for Tapestries, helping a gentleman from Germany write his life story.  Got the email this week, just need to set up a time for the first meeting.  Preferably in December!

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